Beginning of Blogging

Created : May 29, 2021

Finally I've decided to start blogging !

For sometime I've been procrastinating to start writing down my thoughts, experiments & experiences --- giving myself excuses of busy schedule. But being unable to do something due to lack of time is most probably sign of time mis-management.

So I started planning how I'm going to spend my week long time --- just as sprint planning, where I sketch out what're the things I'm going to do this week, with day level granularity, on each Saturday evening. After following this ritual for last 5 months I've discovered it's not only easy to accomodate lots of tasks in 86,400 seconds but also accomplish 100% if planned properly. I see this planning as an art, where there's nothing optimal, rather it's a gradual progression towards betterment, where failure is a friendly teacher ✅.

When I started following this ritual, I used to sketch whole plan in my head. After few weeks I decided to use pencil & paper and was able to do better planning where I was accomplishing >90% of what I planned.

During this period, I taught myself how to wake up early morning. All it takes --- keeping alarm away from bed's reach, so that I'm forced to get out of bed & stop the alarm, rather than snoozing it. In last 5 months, I've worked on 3 large-scale production-grade open-source software systems. May be some otherday I'll talk about them. Reading more blogs; listening to podcasts; reading books are among the things I've become better at doing. I've seen improvement in the way I manage my tasks at workspace --- completing more good quality tasks in lesser timespan. Empowered by better time management, I've seen improvement in my relationship with other human beings & nature ( it's important 😉 ).

But more important part is understanding that, scheduling is an art --- where everyday collecting feedback; accumulating them over week & on Saturday evening sitting down for making a better plan --- is an infinite loop.

start; while(True) { while(not saturday) { follow; collect-feedback; } learn; incorporate; }

I noticed getting inside infinite loop is hard, but once you're in, it's beautiful here 🥰. I'd speak from my heart, as I'm writing this, I feel writing is indeed impactful.

Have a great time !